CutlessMi-Si Electronics Design, Inc. is proud to introduce the first production run of their newest cutting edge technology, The CUTLESS.
CUTLESS propels acoustic amplification into a new dimension. It makes a long standing dream of both musicians and guitar manufacturers a reality. The CUTLESS eliminates the need to cut into the beautiful body of a prized instrument just to install an active preamp.
CUTLESS represents a unique bridging of wireless, digital, and analog technologies. This technological breakthrough reflects years of engineering experience combined with unprecedented audio performance and ease of manipulation for musicians.
The CUTLESS gives musicians complete control over their sound while leaving the body of their instruments intact. To experience Mi-Si’s Green by Design revolution – visit them at Booth # 3535.
As with all other Mi-Si products, CUTLESS employs Mi-Si’s proprietary patented battery-free technology and is made in the USA.
For more information, please contact:
Mi-Si Electronics Design, Inc.
178 Crescent Road
Needham, MA  02494