True to its tradition of engineering innovation, Mi-Si has introduced Motif, the industry’s first condenser under-saddle pickup system. Motif is the result of Mi-Si’s groundbreaking research and development in acoustic amplification, research that pioneered battery-free active amplification, a wirelessly controlled preamp (Cutless), planar coil magnetic pickups for acoustic guitars (Duo and Magpie), and now, and under-saddle pickup with the extraordinary properties of a condenser microphone.
Motif is the first capactitive active under-saddle pickup to eliminate the age-old problem of piezo sensors’ “quack,” the distortions produced by current pickup systems.  Motif’s design is similar in principle to the design of the best performing condenser microphones.
“We believe Motif provides a combination of benefits unmatched in the industry,” said Simona Ioffe, president and co-founder of Mi-Si Electronics Design, Inc.  “It requires meticulous engineering to ensure its outstanding, distortion-free performance.”
The new pickup is only 1 mm thick and is connected to a state-of-art, extremely low-noise class A discrete preamplifier mounted on the endpin jack. The pickup’s mechanical structure provides excellent contact between saddle and bridge.
Like every other Mi-Si product, Motif operates battery-free. A 60-second charge will provide up to six hours of playing time.
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