After more than 25 years of designing and building preamps, Mi-SiÕs team of engineers proudly introduces a truly significant and unique breakthrough: a high-performance, fully active preamp that does NOT NEED BATTERIES. No 9-Volt, no AA, no AAA, no lithium Š NO BATTERIES at all!
Every used battery is a hazardous waste and needs to be properly disposed of to avoid entrance of toxic chemicals into our soils and waterways. Our battery-free technology is environmentally conscious and designed to eliminate this disposal problem.
Our technology is much more than just a battery-free concept. Our preamps have the most natural and the least quacky sound on the market.  Mi-SiÕs custom linearization scheme allows us to get the best possible sound from a piezo pickup.
Obviously, the less stuff put in the instrument, the better its mechanical and acoustical integrity is preserved. This philosophy is the driving force behind Mi-Si's approach - the minimalistic design with the maximum functionality.

About Mi-Si

Mi-Si Electronics Design, Inc. (pronounced "My-Sigh") was founded in April 2004 by an experienced team of engineers with a passion and a drive to make music technology better - for both artists and music lovers. Although new to the marketplace, Mi-Si's engineers bring an arsenal of expertise and more than 25 years experience in the amplification field, developing exciting and revolutionary electronics specifically designed for acoustic amplification.


Player's Choice Awards 2011 Acoustic Guitar Bronze.


Check Out Sound of Magpie

Check out how Magpie sounds:Ā Magpie Test


Ken Middleton and Air Uke

Check out Ken Middleton strumming it up on Mike Pereira’s Tenor uke with our Air Uke pickup!


Air Now Available

On eve of MusikMesse, we at Mi-Si are excited to announce that our AIR line of products is now available for shipping. Please check with your local dealer/distributor to get one.