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New for NAMM2020: Motif AIR

The evolution does not stop. Mi-Si announces a new model in its AIR product line: Motif AIR. This latest in Mi-Si’s line of innovation combines the sound coming from Mi-Si’s unique capacitive sensing undersaddle pickup with sound fed by MEMS microphone – producing...

Magpie Air – The Best of Two Worlds

Mi-Si announces the arrival of Magpie Air – a hybrid approach combining the benefits of the award-winning, single coil active magnetic pickup and the new high-performance MEMS microphone into an extremely light and compact system.
With two separate volume controls, this allows for the most flexible and powerful solution for guitar amplification. “Magpie Air is the next step in Mi-Si’s comprehensive line of battery-free systems for acoustic guitar amplification, with special attention given to rich sound quality and ease of installation,” says Dr. Simona Ioffe, President of Mi-Si.
For further inquiry, please visit booth 5918 at NAMM 2018.

Mi-Si Partners With Höfner

Mi-Si is pleased to announce the partnership with Höfner GmbH & Co. on development and production of a preamp system exclusively for Höfner instruments. This partnership represents a new milestone for Mi-Si and validation of its acoustic amplification design philosophy. For further information, contact Mi-Si at info@mi-si.com.
NAMM Booth 5918

Mi-Si Partners With Dusty Strings

Mi-Si is excited to announce that Mi-Si will partner with Dusty Strings Co. on development and production of a preamp system tailored exclusively for Dusty Harp pickups. With this development, Mi-Si is making its first entry into the harp market. For further information, contact Mi-Si at info@mi-si.com
NAMM Booth 5918

Leo Lindsey of Mele'uhane on Mi-Si

“I love it!!! It looks great, the sound is so natural and warm, and it weighs practically nothing. I want to buy more (if I could afford more :-)) and install them in all my other instruments and would love to see them in Luna guitars!” – Leo Lindsey, Mele’uhane band

Mi-Si Magpie hits Broadway.

Mi-Si’s Magpie soundhole pickup has passed the audition. Steven Bargonetti, music director, arranger, composer, and guitarist, has chosen Magpie to amplify and represent his acoustic guitars. Bargonetti, who is a regular in Broadway orchestra pits, including “Hair,”...