Who Uses Mi-Si?


Many talented artists from every musical genre are joining the Mi-Si revolution daily. Mi-Si offers players the true natural sound along with reliability and the benefits of battery-free technology. We work closely with our performing artists to develop an amplification system custom designed to fit their playing style, specific instrument and stage needs. If you are interested in becoming a Mi-Si performing artist please contact us at info@mi-si.com.

Don Alder (winner of Guitar Player Magazine 2010 Guitar Superstar Title) – www.donalder.com

Albert Gyorfi

Alyza Kathleen G. Barro

Andy Aledort – www.andyaledort.com (Duo & Trio)

Aria Summer – www.ariasummerwallace.com

Barry Brenner – www.bigbbrenner.com (Duo)

Boyd Tinsley (Dave Matthews Band) – Boyd Tinsley (Trio Vio)

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer – www.cathymarcy.com

Klyph Black & John Sparrow (Black and Sparrow) – www.blackandsparrow.com (Trio)

Mike Dawes – mikedawes.co.uk

Steve Doane (Sleaford Ukulele Orchestra) – www.sleafordukuleleorchestra.co.uk

Los Dos (band) – Los Dos

Corneille Driezen – Corneille Driezen

The Frostman –  www.poleshiftsurvivalgroup.com

Trevor Gollagher – trevoruke.weebly.com

Roger Greenawalt – www.beatlescompleteonukulele.com

Rick Jones – www.rickjonesmusic.co.uk (Duo/Trio)

Thomas Leeb – www.thomasleeb.com (Duo)

Martin van der Linden – www.brazzjazz.com (also check out www.choroschool.com)

Ginny Luke – www.ginnylukeonline.com

Tommy Malone (Subdudes) – Tommy Malone (Duo/Trio)

Marco Di Meo – Marco Di Meo

Minnie Marks – www.minniemarks.com

Merhavim Group – merhavimsong.com

Matt Midgley – www.mattmidgley.co.uk

Hussy Hicks – hussyhicks.com

Jimmy Messa (Subdudes) – Jimmy Messa (Duo/Trio)

Larry Mitchell – www.larrymitchell.com

Isato Nakagawa – Isato Nakagawa (Duo)

Troy Radikin (Dragon Wagon) – Dragon Wagon

Shaun Reyes – www.shaunreyes.com

Gerald Ross – www.geraldross.com (Trio)

Sweet Soubrette – www.sweetsoubrette.com

Lloyd Spiegel – www.lloydspiegel.com

Doug Towle – www.dougtowle.com

Yuta Uchiumi (Jazzoom Cafe) – www.jazzoomcafe.com

Victoria Vox – victoriavox.com (Trio)

Matt Warnes, Editor, UKE Magazine – www.ukemagazine.co.uk

Kyoji Yamamoto – www.kyoji-yamamoto.com

Don’t see your name here? Let us know!

Manufacturers and Luthiers:

Ana’ole ‘Ukulele – www.anaoleukulele.com

Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars and Ukuleles – www.augustinoloprinzi.com

Baton Rouge Guitars – www.batonrougeguitars.com

Beau Hannam Guitars & Ukuleles – www.beauhannamguitars.com

Blackbird Guitars – www.blackbirdguitar.com

Chantus Music – www.chantus.com

Char Lutheries – www.charguitars.com

C.F. Casey Guitars – www.cfcaseyguitars.com

Cort Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. – www.cort.co.kr

Crews Guitars – www.crewsguitars.co.jp

DaSilva Ukulele Co.  – www.ukemaker.com

Dazzo Pickups – www.dazzopickups.com

Delgado Guitars – www.delgadoguitars.com

DeVine Guitars  – www.devineguitars.com

Deviser – www.deviser.co.jp

Fender Japan – www.fenderjapan.co.jp

Fukuba Ukulele Company – www.iiwiukulele.com

Gomes Guitars & Ukuleles – www.gomesguitars.com

Griffin Mandolele Works – www.mandolele.com

Guitarras Aragon – www.guitarras-aragon.com

Guitars Cavalié – www.guitars-cavalie.com

Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles – www.hiloguitars.com

Kala Brand Ukulele – www.kalaukulele.com

Kamaka – www.kamakahawaii.com

Ken Franklin Guitars – www.franklinguitars.com

Kepasa Ukulele – www.kepasaukulele.com

KHS/Musix – www.khs-musix.com

Kibin Guitars – www.kibinguitars.com

Kimo Ukulele – www.kimoukulele.com

Koa Ukuleles – www.koaukulele.com

KoAloha Ukuleles – www.koalohaukulele.com

Ko’olau Guitar and Ukulele – www.koolauukulele.com

LaManchaguitars – www.lamanchaguitars.com

Maestro Guitars – www.maestroguitars.com

Mainland Ukuleles – www.mainlandukuleles.com

Mark Roberts Guitars & Ukuleles – www.roberts-guitars.com

Martin Cole Guitars – www.martincoleguitars.co.uk

Martin Guitar – www.martinguitar.com

Maurice Dupont Guitars – www.acoustic-guitars.com

Mele Ukulele – www.meleukulele.com

Mélopée Guitares – www.melopee.fr

Moore Bettah Ukuleles – www.moorebettahukes.com

MP Ukulele – mpukuleles.com

Mya-Moe Ukueleles – www.myamoe.com

Nalu Ukulele – www.naluukulele.com

Ohana Music – www.ohana-music.com

Oscar Schmidt – www.oscarschmidt.com

OulCraft – www.oulcraft.com

Pegasus Guitars & Ukuleles – www.pegasusguitars.com

Petros Guitars – www.petrosguitars.com

Pohaku Ukulele – www.pohakuukulele.com

Pukanala Brand Ukulele – www.pukanalaukulele.com

Raimundo Guitars – www.guitarrasraimundo.com

Rees Harps, Inc. – www.traditionalharps.com

Rizzolo Guitars – www.rizzologuitars.com

Roberts Guitars – www.roberts-guitars.com

Sanden Guitars – www.sandenguitars.com

Seilen Stringed Instruments Ltd. – http://seilen.co.jp; www.ukes.jp

Stonebridge Guitars – www.stonebridgeguitars.com

Takumi Ukulele Co. – www.takumiukulele.com

Talsma String Instruments – www.davetalsma.com

TinGuitar – www.tinguitar.com

Tonedevil Guitars – www.tonedevilguitars.com

Ukebox – www.theukebox.com

Walden Guitars – www.waldenguitars.com

W. A. Wixom Ukuleles – www.wawixomukuleles.com

Wise Ukulele – www.wiseukulele.com

Yairi Guitar – www.yairi.co.jp


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